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Forget factory stock, ignore custom race cars, tuning autos for peak performance is what we do. Any car, any brand, any era, if it has an engine and running gear it can be tuned into shape. Regardless of the purpose, more top end power, faster acceleration, more fuel efficiency, low speed torque, everything is covered right here on

Tuning autos can be left to trained mechanics, but we prefer getting our hands dirty ourselves, otherwise we might as well call this site buy-a-tuned-auto.something. So, what can you expect to see here? It’s a great question and we’re glad you asked. For starters, tuning is more than just cleaning spark plugs, we can show you how to clean them if you want to know, and on some models we probably will, high performance cars often have plugs in difficult to reach places.

After that we’ll most likely throw ourselves head first into new cams, timing belts, fitting turbos, remapping chips, replacing shocks, choosing new brake systems, maybe even talk up new gearboxes. Mostly though, we’re going to assume you’re as passionate about auto tuning as we are, no point treating you like newbies, so we’ll be getting right into things that hobby tuners want to know.

Things like how to remove an engine completely while it gets a makeover, how to replace mounts and fit big things into really small spaces, how to understand engine wiring systems and make sure you don’t short the main chip when adding electronics. Auto tuning is after all about getting things right and not taking two steps backward.

Now you know a little about us, we need to know a lot about you. We think tuning fans want stories about finished projects with detailed pictures of the setup, we think you want reviews of the latest or best components like remaps, air intakes, turbos, seals, and exhausts. We think you want articles that explain key mechanical and engineering concepts, like how to calculate the power curve of any mods you make.

That’s where we’re heading anyway, and our team of writers and photographers are already looking for the best stories. Of course it would a lot easier if you tell us what you’ve got, maybe send us your own project report to share. We understand if you don’t have any babes in your photos, we have enough babes following us around already to make sure we whet your appetite for heels, long legs, pouty lips, and bikinis leaning over the bonnet of our favorite street racers.

At we have a pretty solid grasp of what gets done to little pony cars or American muscle cars. It doesn’t much matter which category your auto falls into, fact is the same things get done on every auto. The problem is that a lot of tuning workshops recommend the most expensive upgrades only, but a lot of performance can be got from starting on the basics, an extra 5% is possible without remapping, and this may be all you need, especially if the running gear then needs a major upgrade to handle the increase.

This makes it easy to rank cars, our reviews will be looking at how far the mods have gone, comparing similar tuning projects instead of assuming every car owner has the same budget gives us all more insight into the most effective upgrades. Bookmark, we’ll be giving you quality tuning articles very soon.

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